Dear suppliers, FIBER LAMINATES, S.L., is certified in the field of quality management according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. Due to its application, communication is required to all our suppliers of a series of requirements for the approval of the products and services received, the competence of the company and the supplier’s personnel, interactions and control and monitoring. of the supplier’s development in compliance with all requirements, among other aspects. Therefore, the company informs its suppliers that all requirements will be included in the order form or attached documents from this moment on. Likewise, FIBER LAMINATES staff will proceed to review the product or service at the time of receipt, the moment in which an incident may appear. If applicable, the supplier will be notified. Thus, FIBER LAMINATES will evaluate the development of its suppliers based on the non-conformities opened in each year, and may be discontinued in the event that the requirements issued by the organization are not repeatedly met.